The site of ATP production and the site of photosynthesis are the _______________ and _________________.
a. ribosomes and vacuoles
c. mitochondria and chloroplast
b. chloroplast and lysosome
d. Golgi complex and chloroplast 17. Which of the following forms of life is NOT eukaryotic?
a. a bacterial cell
c. a plant cell like gumamela
b. protist such as an amoeba
d. a human cell such as a red blood cell




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The site for ATP or ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE is the mitochondria.
The site for Photosynthesis is the Chloroplast

Meaning that C is the answer. Mitochondria and Chloroplast.

Plant cell, human cell, protist cells, are all eukaryotic cells. Meaning that a bacterial cell is not eukaryotic, hence, it is prokaryotic.

Meaning the A is the answer. A bacterial cell.