On Sonnet 29 ?
1. What does the opening line of the poem mean?
2. Who is being addressed by the poet?
3. Why does the poet consider the faiths of old his daily bread?
4. What makes the persona happy?
5. How do you view the persona’s circumstance?




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It's all opinionated... (sabi nila)
1 they say its about two people who have everything ang nothing but still being richer than the one who has everything..
2 they say (heroes)(old people from the past)
3 faiths of old his daily bread is about the greatness of the old people from the past who becomes the hero
4 the persona is happy because of their soul is brave,
5 (nakalimutan ko na ea) ^_^ peace ...sorry..
ahm about having greatness is about having faith and love
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