Wilma picked 12 flowers in the morning,she gave three flowers to her mother and three flowers to her teacher.how many flowers left to wilma?
what are asked to look for?
what are the given?
what is the first step?
what is the second step?
what is the complete answer?



1.how many flowers left to wilma
2.12 flowers
3.add the flowers u give
4.then minus the 12 flowers to the flowers u add
5.12-6 =6

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Oh, i guess that you are almost talking about the diffrent technique about problem solving known as G R E S A . but i will answer as the question says.

"What are asked to look for?" That is actually known as the required
Required- 12 flowers, 3 flowers, and again 3 flowers.

"What are the given?
Given- "How many flowers are left to Wilma?" 

"What is the first step?, What is the second step?" I will compile both the first step and the second step because it is called equation
Equation- 12 - 3 - 3= n You will add both the two 3's together. Then you will take away or minus the sum of the two 3's to the 12.

"Solve?" Ok i will do from what i explained from the equation.
               ADD      SUBTRACT
Solution-   3               12
              + 3              -  6
                 6                 6

"What is the complete answer?" 
Answer- of course its shown, its 6

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1. How many flowers left to wilma