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Find the LCD,then change the denominator of its LCD. Ex. 2 1/3 = 2 8 / 24 +3 1/8 =. 3 3/24 __________________ 5 11 /24 We change the numerator 1 and 1 to 2 and 3 because we will count if how many times the denominator is multiplied.
It's like this 2/12 and and 3/6 we need to find the Least common denominator at the first thing we call it LCM because we didin't find the LCD yet now this steps will help you because my teacher told me first to do is find the LCD first next is,divide the denominators and the answer of the denominator multiply it to the numerator thats the way here is the example
  my example is the shortcut of how to solve mixed no.
The LCD is 12 .

because we skip count it 

The most least is 12 so thats why 12 is the LCD
12 divided by 3 is 4
12 divided by 2 is 6
so the answer is 4/6