Global warming is the term which implies the hastening of the warming of the surface of the earth because of natural occurrences such as the change in the earth's orbit, and also because human activities such as the release of"un-earth-friendly"gases as in air pollution, and deforestation.
Here are some practical tips to stop global warming :
-conserve energy and water
-reduce, reuse and recycle
-be vigilant
-get involved in need of volunteers to help save our habitat ..
The gas carbon dioxide is the second most abundant gas in the green house gases, when you breath you release carbon dioxide, also animals respire, burning the organic matter can contribute carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, trees and plants can be essential they convert carbon dioxide into sugar that is required by their growth. This process is called (photosynthesis) ... carbon dioxide acts like a blanket over the earth, the trapping of heat by gases in the earth's atmosphere is called green house gases, when this gases increase as a result of global warmingthe amount of gases such as methane, water vapor and Carbon dioxide have been rising, green house gases occurs naturally. How can we avoid this phenomena, we can conserve the earth by reducing the production of green house gases, reforestation and not deforestation, plant more trees.