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I am willing to help who need help.......i am the winner of science fair

     We are living in a knowledge-based society.Technology is attached in our day to day life.It makes things effective,efficient,and gives us comfort.Thats why people dont stop creating something new that makes thins possible.They are more and more using their legs and their brains to convert their ideas into useful products.

      People need motivation to be innovative.It repuires etheir trhe reuse of existing formal knowledge based on the source information.If you are motivated to do innovations, ideas matter.Most ideas remain dormant because people dont have the courage,resources,time,and or money to take action.
       Converting ideas into reality is never an easy task.You must own the responsibility regardless of the circumstances.Participating activities is a must.
        Science Clubbers can also help in the innovative process.They must have a vision and they will do their mission to achieve it.They have to work hard to create something of value for society.
         we need innovations that will change our tomorrow but,that doesnt mean the technology immediately become successful.It does not succeed quite by chance,coincidence,or accident.It has to be thought and need a real strategy.Oftentimes,we meet failures and those, will teach us what not to do.By putting all ideas together wether some,seem unreasonable,we can chose which ones are good and that is subject for implementation.Great ideas must be put into action and that many improvements can be made up in an organization and even in the world.
          So innovations can be made possible by gaining enough knowledge to come up with the best ideas by help of Science Clubbers.


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