waahh. modern technology na tlga
I learned 25 characters in hiragana in 3 hours... just sharing though :3
good for you :D how did you manage to do so?
Well, I used some sites where they made it to a game format... It makes it really easy than only reading it... :D
world class advice :)


Hire an tutor to learn it fast

-this is my own idea do not delete

Aside from hiring a tutor, cause I'm broke :/
or if you have a japanes friend. try to ask him orher to teach you
broke- no money
ahh. then ask a friend or find sites about japanese langauge
Try to familiarize to teh japanese language. try to practice japanes language everyday and into your house also. ang for some reasonshire a tutor for the correct probounciation of these japanese words.

hope it helps

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Try watching japanese on youtube and there are some sites there that tutors on how to speak japanese quickly.