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1. Acid Test:Meaning - Acid test proves the effectiveness of something.2. Cut the ground from under feet :Meaning - When you cut the ground from under someone's feet, you do something which weakens their position.3. Chase your tail:Meaning - Spending a lot of time and energy doing a lot of things but actually achieving too little.4. Whole bag of tricks -Meaning - Means trying all the clever means to achieve something.5. Deliver the goods -Meaning - Do what is expected or promised.6. Fine-tooth comb -Meaning - Examining something carefully to not miss out any details.7. Explore all avenuesMeaning - Trying out every possibility to get a result.8. Fast track something -Meaning - Rating something higher on your priority list to achieve the desired result.9 . Get ducks in a row -Meaning - Getting your things well organized.10. Get the show on the road -Meaning - Putting up a plan or idea into action.