Do you have to be angry to someone who made you angry I know its easy to answer but I want to know your real opinion..Domini is the only one who must answer this!!!!!cause I know what's your feeling if your angry No one can stop feeling angry at someone who made you angry like a heart you can't stop it once it I pounds...



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Why Domini is the only one allowed to answer this? 

Well, the answer is no.

Just when someone made you angry, you'll be angry, and be angry on the one that made you angry? No. You don't have to be angry. In some cases, I think you have to be angry for some reasons if it is really bad for you, or it is really annoying or they always make you angry. But still, the answer is no. Because not all times we should be angry of someone or something, sometimes we should just keep calm and just told them not to make you angry, or else you would be angry to them/it/her/his . :3

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