Use in a sentence these words.
1. scuttle
2. chinks
3. twitching
4. pewter
5. tankard
6. mead
7. pompous
8. cobbler
9. draught
10. dungeon
11. exclusive
12. variety
13. consume
14. popularity
15. respondents
16. accurate
17. accommodate
18. interpret
19. indefinite
20. entertain



The Brainliest Answer!
1. (verb) They're so terrified by the extraordinary ebbing of the sea that they scuttled to higher ground.
    (noun) Mrs. O'Leary entered through a continuous scuttle.
2. (noun) The golden bell chinks nonstop which irritated the whole town.
3. (verb) He battled the giant with his left eye twitching.
4. (adj.) The metal's pewter color changed into rusty orange.
5. (noun) King Minos sipped his wine from his silver tankard.
6. (noun) Mrs. Rosmelinda delivered her freshly made mead wine.
7. (adj.) The speaker stated a pompous speech.
8. (noun) Her father is a professional cobbler, he personally made my last shoes that lasted for five years.
9. (noun) The bar served beer on draught.
10. (noun) The Princess was trapped in a dungeon full of prisoners.
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