Yeah Its is possible for a person can carry a million peso coin,Why Not We Have right to carry a money .
Let us do this mathematically.

Let x = Coin mass
       u = Be the weight of the person (average)

So the formula is
x · 1,000,000 - u

The mass of a Philippine One Peso coin is 6.1 grams, and the average weight of a person is 81.9 kg according to country, but we should convert it to grams. 81.9 kg to g is 81,900 grams.


= 6.1 x 1,000,000 - 81,900 
6100000 - 81,900

So 1million coins is 6 million+ than the average weight of a person. Meaning that an average-weighted person can't. But surely, this will work for those who have a great weight, or great force, but I think is that is impossible. It is even impossible to hold 1 million coins at once, but in some countries, coins have less mass, meaning that it is possible for a person with a great weight, and force to act on the coins and carry it but it is still going to be hard.

The standard, and common answer is impossible.

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