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Gone to heaven-----------passed away
mean business-----------being serious about what you announce
dead wood------------------things or persons which are no longer useful
get the axe-----------------lost the job
back to square one------start again
hit the hay------------------to go to bed
in your face----------------an aggresive manner
crash-------------------------to go to sleep
kick the bucket-----------to die
let sleeping dogs lie-----not to interfere
rub someone up the wrong way-----to annoy someone
mum's the word-------------------to keep the secret
tie the knot-------------------to get married
over the hill-----------------to be past your prime
sanitation engineer--------domestic helper
under the weather----------feelinf ill
distitute-----------------------extremely poor
spinning a yarn----------to lie

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hehehe...topic dn namin yan sa english namin..kaya marami rami akong alam about dyan............
Aaah kami rin ehhh hehe
Cry over spilled milk....
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