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It's letter C . Fish, dog and snake. .. spider is not a vertebrate it refers to be an invertebrate animals.
Vertebrates are animals that has a backbone or the vertebral column. 

Let us first go to letter a.
Birds have backbones, snake do have backbones! but spiders do not have.

So a ≠ the correct answer

Second, the b.
Turtles do have backbones, snails don't have backbones, and a lobster is a invertebrate or it do not have a bacbone.

So b ≠ the correct answer.

Third is the c.
Fish, have a backbone, Dog also has a backbone, and snake, as said also has a backbone.

So definitely c = the correct answer.

The answer is C. Fishes, dogs, snakes are vertebrates who have a backbone.