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Y- intercept = (4) (2) (-1) (-3) 
                 = 24 with coordinates (0,24)

The equation is a 4th degree polynomial, the leading term is x^4.
So the graph has 3 turns, One maximum and two minimum.

Plot the roots:  -4 with coordinates (-4,0)
                       -2 with coordinates (-2,0)
                       1 with coordinates (1,0)
                        3 with coordinates (3,0)

Now, for the solutions of vertices minimum and maximum, these are the results (it's a long process, two pages)

The maximum is (-1/2, 441/16 or 27-9/16)) (above x axis)

The first minimum has coordinates  ( -1-√29 , -25)  (left of y axis, below x-axis)
The second minimum has coordinates (√29-1, -25)  (right of y axis,below x-axis)

To graph:
1. From (-4,0) go down to the first minimum, then turn going up passing through (-2,0) up to maximum (-1/2, 27-9/16).

2.  From the maximum, pass through  (1,0) to the second minimum.

3.  From second minimum, go up passing through (3,0)

Please try:-)                     
Wew. In what grade can we learn this stuff ?
Grade 10 :-) Polynomial Functions.
Ah okey :) I'm still in Grade 8 , ehehehe X)
But it's introduced in Grade 9 with quadratic equation :-)
Owe. Okey :) Thank you ^^~