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The Different Parts of Speech
   ⇒ Nouns 
          · These are names of people, places, things, ideas, and events.
          e.g. Monday, Jazz, toy store, Ferrari, holiday
   ⇒ Pronoun
          · These are "noun substitutes" or words that refer to nouns.
         e.g. I, who, this, everybody, myself, several
   ⇒ Verbs
· These show "action" or "being".
         e.g. smile, eat, wrote, drunk, will see
   ⇒ Adjectives
· These describe nouns or pronouns.
        e.g. small, friendly, sociable, depressed, hurt
   ⇒ Adverbs
· These describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.
e.g. sleeplessly, emotionally, frequently, slowly, hardly
⇒ Prepositions
          · These express relationship of nouns or pronouns with other words in a sentence.
e.g. behind, down, inside, since, against
⇒ Conjunctions
          · These connect two or more words, phrases, clauses, or sentences.
e.g. and, yet, neither...nor, although, before
⇒ Interjections
          · These express emotions such as happiness, fear, anger, pain, surprise, sorrow, exhaustion, indecision, and hesitation.
        e.g. ouch, wow, oh no, yeah, my goodness


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