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 \frac{2x ^{2} }{5x} + \frac{5}{5x}

 \frac{2x}{5} + \frac{1}{x} , final answer
isn't it 2x^3 + 1 all over x?
the same:-) You're a smart, you asked sensible questions. If you re-write the terms with the same denominator, you simplify 2x^3/x = 2x^2, so 2x^2 + 1/x. This is to show that the expression, in its simplified form, is not a polynomial. My brain is in Polynomial Mode (because that's the lesson for this quarter) :-)
**You're a smart kid**
thank you po.. :-) may i ask if what grade you are holding?
:-) But i could tell that you're in Grade 9/10 based on your pre-calculus inquiries (derivatives) and you answered the angle of depression correctly, though the enquirer would appreciate if you showed your solution. . Other questions not related to question posted here, you may post on my profile page, lest the admin will flag us :-) I hope they don't, since this is a no-nonsense interaction between registered users :-)