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They are just created to test us so keep the faith and be strong.
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Overcoming Challenges, is like a test of faith. Just like what the other moderator said, challenges are just tests, God is just testing us how strong, how knowledged, and how faithful is us to him. These challenges may be hard, or easy but there is one person who always help when overcoming any challenges, hard or easy, and that person is God, God who always loves us, and care for us, that is why he made challenges for us, it is just a test if we believe to him, and we are going to take the test and don't give up on it! Just like what our teaches do, they give us a test, long or short, easy or hard, for the teacher to know if we learned from him/her, but the thing is that if you failed or if you passed, you did your best. Just like when God tests you, you must give your best, and God will do the rest! 

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