The lenght of a rengtangle is four times it's widht. When the lenght is reduced by two units andthe widht inreased by three units. The area of a triangle becomes 198 sq. units. Find the lenght and the width of the orignal triangle.

The area of the Triangle? Or is that supposed to be rectangle?
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Let x be the width
      4x be the length
New rectangle:
  Length: 4x-2
  Width: x+3
L ● W =A
 (4x-2) (x+3 ) = 198
2(2x-1) (x+3) =198
  (2x-1) (x+3) = 99
   2x² +5x -3 = 99
2x² +5x -102 = 0
 (2x+17) (x-6) = 0
x=-17/2  ;  x=6                     [use x=6 because we can not have a negative dimension]
Original dimensions:
Width = 6 units
Length = 24 units                  [from 4x]
What a mess. Sorry, i typed this with my phone
you're welcome :) i just edited it, should be fine now
can it be like this: 4x^2 +10x-6=198 instead of 2x^2+5x-3=99?
yes. i just divided it by two to make it easier to factor
thank you.