Please help me to my math project !!
mr. lakandula would like to increase his production of milkfish due to its high demand in the market.
He is thinking of making a larger fishpond in his 8,000 sq m lot near a river. Help him by making sketch plan of the fishpond he made. Formulate as many Quadratic Equation then solve by factoring.Formulate a Quadratic Equation as many as you can. Please Answer me. Thank You



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Mr. Lakandula would like build a wall to the perimeter of his larger fishpond  It's area is computed as:  

 x^{2} -20x =8000

Find the dimensions where width is 20 meters less than its length, and the perimeter of the fishpond.

 x^{2} -20x =8000
 x^{2} -20x-8000=0

Solve by factoring:
(x-100) (x+20) = 0

x-100 = 0      x+20 = 0
x=100                x = -20
Use the positive root for distance.

Length: x = 100 meters
Width: x-20 = 100 - 20 = 80 meters

Solve for Perimeter:  
Perimeter = 2 (L) + 2(W) 
Perimeter = 2(100 meters) + 2(80 meters) 
Perimeter = 200 meters + 160 meters

Perimeter = 360 meters

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