In the book store,pencils and pens cost.different amount .two pencils and3 pens cost php50 the total cost of 3 pencils and 2 pens is php 45 what is the cost of 1 pencils

1 pencil cost php 7
its because when you multiply 7x2 pencils = php14 and when you multiply 12x3 pens =php36 and when you add the two products, you will get 50 as their sum.
then, to get 45, you will multiply 7x3 pencils = php21 , 12x2 pens =24 then add the products and you will get php45



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Let the cost of one pencil be a and the cost of one pen be b.

2a + 3b = 50 ... [1]
3a + 2b = 45 ... [2]

3[2] - 2[1]
9a + 6b = 135
-4a - 6b = -100
     5a  = 35
      a   = 7

Therefore the cost of one pencil is 7 pesos.