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The Story of Echo and Narcissus
Once, there was a hero who is so handsome. He is so good-looking that all girls who saw him wished to be his. But he pass every girl, no matter what. Even the fairest of all the nymphs, Echo, who Hera condemned to never use her tongue again except to repeat the last word said to her. After the curse was given, Echo couldn't speak with Narcissus no more and all she can do to express her love is to follow him around. One day, Narcissus was calling out for his companions. Echo repeated Narcissus last words and showed herself to him. But as Narcissus always do, he rejected her and headed to his way with distaste. With all of those Narcissus have hurt, the goddess Nemesis made her action. As Narcissus bent over to the pool for a drink and saw his own reflection. He fell in love with his own image and he leaned closer to the pool then he died.
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