Cell parts that are present only in animal cell: the Centrioles and the Cytoplasm
Cell parts that are present only in plant cell: the Cell wall and the Chloroplast

*Animal cell has small vacuole while the plant cell has large vacuole.
*Plant cells are regular or angular or rigid in shapes.While animal cells are round and somewhat irregular or spherical or cyrindrical.
Plant cells contain two distinct structures that are not present in animal cells.                They are the:
                   + Cell walls : provides additional protection to the cell; makes the cell rigid enabling it to have a definite shape.
                   + Chloroplast : contains green pigments that enables the plant to manufacture its own food
     + Plant cells have larger vacuole.
Animal cells have only one distinct part. It is the:
                   + Centrioles
     + Animal cells have smaller vacuole called 'vesicles'.
     + Because animal cells don't have cell walls, they don't have definite shape.