Give me the Plural Expressions of this.

____ of beef ____ of sugar
____ of salt ____ of vinegar
____ of milk ____ of soup
____ of butter ____ of bread
____ of soysauce ____ of rice
____ eggs ____ pork
____ sugar ____ chicken wings
____ bananas ____ kangkong leaves
____ detergent powder ____ tomatoes




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10 kilos of beef
5 cuos of sugar
3 tablespoons of salt
6 galoons of vinegar
4 bottles of milk
3 bowls of soup
2 kilos of rice
7 slices of bread
2 ounces of soysouce
5 bars of buttet
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Kilos of beef
Grams of sugar
Milligrams of salt
Bottles of vinegar
Bottles of milk
Bowls of soup
Spoons of butter
Slices of bread
Packs of soy sauce
Kilos of rice
Dozen eggs
Twice pork
Many sugar
Thrice chicken wings
Bunch of bananas
Pieces of kangkong leaves
Cups of detergent powder
Rotten tomatoes (since it is already in plural form)

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