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           What challenges or risks does one face for not yielding                                             to individual or group pressure?
         As a teenager, a student, a daughter, a friend and as a citizen, I myself had experienced a lot from being pressured. There are times when we need to change, when we need to conform so that we could fit in and same goes with individual and group pressure. Judging is a very common thing done to every people in society. There are always people, whom you're going to meet with, who will judge you no matter what. If you won't yield the pressure as an individual, you get judged and people tend to think that you are so full of yourself and you appear like being aggressive which lead the people to hate you. Same goes with group pressure, we always need to change and we always need to conform, because you have no choice, right? If you want people to accept you, if you want you yourself to fit in, you need to conform. You get judged and judged by people, you get hated by the society and that's just because they don't appreciate your uniqueness, but basically, our world is not like that anymore. Our world now don't appreciate each other's uniqueness that's why it is important for us to change and to yield, not just because you want to fit in, but also because you want the whole world to realize your existence and value the mere fact that you're existing in this world.


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