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Technically if i would be a customer looking for a restaurant, i would like the menu to be like.

black and pink ( the style may depend on the theme. girly, hiphop, goth, or just boyish)
go for like the one with vegetables(artichokes roasted and sided with desired dressing)
pancake sandwich with strawberry filling( something that when a person look at it, it will brighten the mood, or whatever he/she is feeling)

(not salmon please, i hate that) like lamb stew. something steamy like with the looks of it, it will just make the tummy growl.

well, finger foods (it's the time of the day when a person just have to be herself, enough with the class and stuff.)

well everybody just happens to love this sweet things.

ice cream:
mixing flavors, not like the ordinary, try it like pistachio and cheese.
with different type of toppings (mallows, sprinkles,etc)

not like single wrapped ones, but like gummy bear towers, gummy worms den,
jaw breaker and bubble gum bridge. (sweet overload)

well that's all i can think of.
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your welcome
:))) is it for your MAPEH
you planning on opening your own restaurant?
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