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Distributive Property of Addition over Multiplication (DPAM)
wala atang distributive property ang addition
Let me state it this way from Distributive Axiom (it establishes the relationship between the operations addition and multiplication in equation): To establish the "distributivity" of integers 5, 26 , and 6, we can establish that 5(25 + 6) = (5x25) + (5x6) = (25x5) + (6 x 5) = (25 + 6) 5. :-)
We distribute 5. I should have stated the axioms then :-) Maybe that is not taught in grade 6 or 7 in non-science high schools?
Please let me know if there's another name of property for the given problem above in your textbook (grade 6 or Grade 7). Thank you:-)
Association Property of addition
I am not sure?=(
In association or associative property, the groupings change but the sum stays the same . In this problem, 5 is distributed :-)