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                                             Parts of the Microscope
1. Eyepiece or Ocular Lens - present at the top and is used to see the objects                                    under study
2. Coarse Adjustment - used to focus on scanning
3. Fine Adjustment - used for focusing the high power lens
4. Objective lenses - there are 3 or four objective lenses found on microscopes,                                  they are: with ranges of 10x, 40x, 100x powers
5. Arm - supports the tube of the microscope and connects to the base
6. Stage Clip - holds the slide in its proper place
7. Stage - the platform that is flat; used for placing the slides under observation
8. Body Tube - connects the eyepiece to the objective lenses
9. Revolving Nosepiece - also known as turret; has holders for the different                                         objective lenses; allows the rotation of the lenses while                                         viewing
10. Diaphragm - helps in controlling the amount of light that is passing through                                     the opening of the stage
11. Base - provides basal support for the microscope
12. Power Switch - turns the illumination on or off
13. Condenser - used to focus the light on the specimen

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