How Odin Lost His Eye
Retold by Catharine F. Sellew

Odin, King of Asgard / king of the gods, an all-father to his peaceful kingdom saw evil coming to his land. He was afraid of what might it bring to his people he wants to protect humans from the evil frost giants. To foresee and gain knowledge of the future, Odin must drink the water of a special well. This water will then reveal the images of the past and future. Mimir, the guardian of the well, requires an unbearable price for the waterand it is Odin’s eyes. Odin promptly plucks out his eye. After Odin drinks the water, he sees that the future holds sorrow and death for humans. He also sees that it will be redeemed by an event of great promise. Odin’s eye lays at the bottom of Mimir’s well as a reminder of Odin’s great sacrifice.
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