1. Shhhh! Be quiet! John (sleep) _____. He might hear us from the other room. sleeps will sleep is sleeping have been sleeping 2. It (rain) _____ all week. I hope it stops by Saturday because I want to go to the beach. is raining has been raining will rain have been raining 3. _____ your scissors? Is this This Are these These 4. We could have driven to the city, _____ we took the train instead. and but since because 5. I need _____ universal charger when I travel. a an the none of the above 6. She went to _____ Netherlands to study. a an the none of the above 7. What _____ she do in her free time? does do will would 8. You know, I _____ like to watch TV. There is a good film on. doesn't don't will would 9. Their (baby) _____ in the crib are playing. babies babyes babys baby 10. The (wife) _____ of the colonels were in the party last night. wife wifes wivs wives 11. My husband and I (watch) _____ a movie last weekend. had watched watched will watch have watched 12. My dog (bark) _____ the whole day yesterday. barks barked will bark have barked 13. He (like) _____ eating chocolate. liked like likes will like 14. She (meet) _____ different people whenever she goes out of the country. Meets Meet Met Will meet 15. They (let) _____ the kids play in the playground last weekend. let have let letted have letted 16. They have (give) _____ the gift to the kids. given gave had given give 17. My three (sister-in-law) _____ gave me a necklace. sisters-in-laws sister-in-law sisters-in-law sister-in-laws 18. The fitness center installed new (equipment) _____. equipment equipments equipment's none of the above 19. The bags are _____. Mary's & Jane Mary & Jane's Mary's & Jane's Mary & Jane 20. The buses in Europe have _____ own bathrooms inside. they their they're none of the above Please i need the answer



Pls. fix the sentences. I might answer it if you do