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Visual Kei uses more makeup and has more elaborate and flamboyant hairstyles and clothes than Oshare Kei. Oshare Kei songs are mostly associated with, friends, happiness, love, etc. Their music are bubbly and light. Visual Kei has darker themes. But I'm not saying that all Visual Kei bands have dark themes talking about suicidal thoughts, sex, and drugs.

Visual Kei bands:
MEJIBRAY Song: Divergence
Vo. Tsuzuku
Gt. MiA
Ba. Koichi
Dr. Meto

Lycaon (They'll be disbanding in November) Song: Eros
Vo. Yuuki
Gt. Zero
Gt. Satoshi
Ba. Hiyuu
Dr. Ichiro

If you want a VK band that's NOT dark,
RoNoCro Song: Give Me A Smile
Vo. Minami
Gt. Setsuki
Gt. Mero
Ba. Reon

Oshare Kei:
I'm not familiar with An-cafe so I can't give songs. Sorry. :(
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