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Reproduction among living things, there are two kinds of reproduction which is Sexual reproduction (Plants and Animals) and Asexual reproduction (Plants and Animals)...
-->>>Sexual Reproduction in Plants, in sexual reproduction in plants there should be a requirement the male parent and female parent , the male parent produces the sperm cell and the female parent produces the egg cell, this two gametes unite together , the egg fertilized by the sperm , in flowering plant , the fertilization should take place within the flower and leads to the formation of one or more seeds in fruit, in Sexual reproduction in plant, the pistil contains the stigma , style and ovary , (female part) the stamen, the anther where the pollen grains are formed and stored, and the pollen grains containing the sperm cell, the pollination should occurs when pollen grains are transported from the anther to the stigma, the mature plant produces the flowerr. And this is where the the fertlization and the pollination take place, each ovule inside the flower's ovary contains fertilizaed egg. And the ovary becomes fruit , when the fruits ripen, the seeds are dispersed, and the seeds grow inyo new plant...
->>> in Asexual reproduction in plants there should be one parent to produce an offspring, which is identical to the parents plenty of plants use asexually from underground stem, and this plant can be form from roots, stem or the leaf, the fertilization doesn't takes place in this process, there are different form of asexual reproduction, it can be Tuber ( which ia swollen and the underground stem store foods and it can form a new plant) the Bulbs ( it shorts an underground stem and the leaves store food) the Runner is a stem that grows above the ground and forms a new plants at its tip.
--->>> sexual reproduction in animals, in sexuall reproduction in animals, the sperm and egg cell unite, the sperm fertilizes an egg to form a zygote. In fertilization there two kind Internal fertilization and external fertilization, where Internal fertilization is a fertilization where the two gametes unite together through females body. , External fertilization is a fertilization in which two gametes meet outside the body..
--->>>> in Asexual reproduction in animals, many of them use by multi cellular organisms, some unicellular organisms reproduce by simple cell division called binary fission. . In this process the cell divides into two.organisms, some can reproduce through budding I a reproduction by only one parents, the small part of the organisms breaks off starts to grow until the parents and offspring are the same size and both are capable of budding again. And some can reproduce through regeneration this reproduction where the parentss break into two or more pieces and each pieces forms a new organisms.......
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