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Least Common Denominator (LCD): 6

5/6 + 1/3 = n

 \frac{5 + 2}{6} =  \frac{7}{6}

or  1  \frac{1}{6}
1 1 1
can u give the solution? pls explain..
The least common denominator is 6. For the first fraction, there's no need to re-write the fraction because it's LCD is 6. For the second fraction, re-write so that it will be similar (same denominator) to the first. LCD 6 divided by denominator 3 equals 2. The multiply 2 by the numerator 1, yields 2. So re-write the second fraction as 2/6. When adding or subtracting similar fractions, add or subtract only the numerator, copy the LCD. Then simplify the answer. :-)