The monthly income of the soriano family is php36,000.00 they spend php 9,000.00 for food php12,000,00 for education php4,000.0 for utilities and php6,000.00 for other expenses the remaining amount is for their saving

A.which item is allotted with the highest budget? How about the least? Explain

B.if you were to budget your family's monthly income, which would you give the greate allocation? Why? the circle graph, what is the measure of the central angle corresponding to each item? is the measure of the central angle corresponding each item determined?

E.suppose the radius of the circle graph is 25 cm. what is the area of each sector inthe circle graph? How about the length of the arc each sector



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A.)  Education has the highest budget allocation with 33% of the total income.
      Utilities has the least budget allocation with 11% of the total income.

B.)  You may answer that (or ask you parents guardian). 

For C, D, and E, please attached solution.

(Note:  I was challenged to do this.  I used EXCEL application so it would be easier to compute with the same formula of Sector Area and Arc Length for each item.  Please keep it as guide so you can solve similar problems).

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