1.Adverbs of manner - tells us in which the action occurs/how the action occurs
ex. She speaks loudly.
2.Adverbs of place - tells us about the place of action
e.g. Here,there,somewhere,outside,ahead,near,etc.
ex.He will come here.
3. Adverbs of time - tells us about the time of action
e.g. Now,then,soon,later,today,tomorrow,tonight,yesterday,early,etc.
ex. I will go to the mall later,
4. Adverbs of frequency - tells us how many times the action occurs
e.g. Daily,sometimes,often,seldom,usually,etc.
Ex. He goes to school daily
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Chandra Bahadur Dangi is very small. the adverb very describes the adjective small.He can walk fast.the fast describes walk.