Ano pong english neto? "Mahirap magbungkal (dig) ng lupa because hindi mo alam kung sapat na ba ‘yon para bumaon yung halaman na dinala, sinabayan pa ng mainit na araw kaya nakakapagod and ang sakit pa sa skin. Pero for me it’s okay, sobra saya kasi yung iba nagt’teamwork and nagkakaron rin ng friends sa ibang section. Sa una mo lang mararamdaman yung pagod pero pagnagawa mo na iba na yung feeling. " please thankyou

sana po hindi niyo po ginogoole translate yung sagot thankyou po


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It's hard to dig on the land because you're not sure if it was enough to make the plant that you bring alive combined with the heat of the day which is so tiresome and so painful for me. But for me, it's alright. It's so happy because the others are doing team work and they're having friends with other sections. In the beginning, you'll feel the tiresome, but if you did the right thing, the feeling is different.

Just check the paragraph again because I don't feel that the other words are correct. :)

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It is hard to dig the land or the soil because you do not know if it is enough to sink into it the plant that is brought, combined with the hotness of the temperature of the sun so it is so tiring and hurting for me. But for me, it's okay, I am so happy because the others do teamwork and having friends on the other sections. I was just feeling tired at first, but in the end when I'm already done the feeling was finer.

~~ Not from google translate, just some words that is irrelevant to translate for me (e.g. the "bumaon"), alam ko naman yun pero yung English term hindi, 
~~ You're welcome
thankyou po sa inyo!! :D