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A monkey is eaten by a lion.. Monkey is the prey and lion is the predator..
In an ecosystem, predation is the process on which a predator or a group of predator is going to attack, kill, and eat, a prey or a group of prey. Predation naturally occurs when a predator is hungry, and a prey is in migration, so the prey is travelling on which the predator tries to attack, and eat the prey and 10% of the prey's energy will be gained by the predator, and 90% of the energy was loss. Predators are often carnivores, sometimes omvinores, and rarely herbivores, while on the other hand, preys are often herbivores, and sometimes omnivores, and rarely carnivores. Predation is the process on which the predator gets the prey's energy by killing, and eating it. Predation often occurs when the prey: 1st Order Consumer and the predator: 2nd Order Consumer meets, and the prey: 2nd Order Consumer and the predator: 3rd Order

Prey Ex.      Predator Ex.                   Predation Between the Predator and Prey
Giraffe           Tiger                The hungry tiger attacks the giraffe and eats it.
Worm            Bird                  The mother bird, feed the worm for her chicks.
Zebra            Lion                  The zebra while migrating is eaten by a lion.
Deer             Crocodile           The crocodile who haven't eaten for months                                                                           hides, and eats a fleshy deer.
Pig               Humans             The pig was kept in a farm, and slaughtered for food, and then cutted into several pieces, and then cooked, and eaten by the most famous predator -- Humans