Graduation Speech 
by Awesome Helper (c) CHAR HAHAHAHA XD

Good morning/evening/afternoon to all of you! It has been many years when we met, and knew each other, I'm hoping we will be more than friends, I mean close friends to all of you. All of the challenges, consequences, sadness, happiness, and even craziness from my friends, teachers, schoolmates and classmates are passed by all of us trough the use of our knowledge, strength, and unity. All of us can move on into the next chapter of our lives, and put on the knowledge from our very own school into our memory, and even on our very own hearts. I will never forget this day that reminds us of all our hard works to be successful to reach this unforgettable special day of our live. I will never forget this place, our school which is my second home, wherein I meet my dearest, and meanest friends and even enemies who made my personality. I will never forget those persons, like my teachers, especially my adviser who always throw jokes and we always catch with our laughter but in our brain its corny! Like my best friend, who has been always there for me and even say bad words when I did something bad, well, I just want to say sorry for you, my dearest friend. I will never ever ever forget my parents who definitely and infinitely will work hard just for me, they will make me cry always just to discipline me, but in this they I'm sure they will cry just because they knew that I reached this day, and all of what they worked-hard just for me has a beautiful fruit!

May everyone here be blessed by God, our hard work and determination brought us here, and all should be happy and leave the sad expression on your mouth and bring on happiness! It is not a piece of cake to reach this day, but with the hard work, determination, with a bunch of love and joy, with the flesh of sadness and challenges, and a pack of knowledge? It is a piece of cake to be a graduate on this awesome school which we all picked up knowledge.

Till we all meet again.