Eyepiece lens,Tube,Revolving nosepiece,Objective lenses,Illuminator,Arm,Coarse Focus,Fine Focus,Base :) (Sana makatulong)
This is the Parts of the Microscope Eye Peice-it is where you peep through Draw tube-Holds the Eye Peice Body Tube-Connects the Eye Peice to The Objectives Reveloving Nosepeice-It allows you to change the objectives Arm-it is where you hold the microsope Course Adj.-it is use to focus LPO Fine Adj.-It is use tk focus HPO HPO(High power Objective)-Magnify the specimen by 40x LPO(Low Power Objective)-Magnify the specimen by 10x OIO(Oil Immersion Objective)Magnify the specimen by 100x Mirror-Reflects the Light Diaprhagm-It Regulates the amount of light Base-It Supports the whole microsope Stage-Holds the Glass slide Stage Clip-Holds the Glass slide in place Inclination Joint-It allows you to incline or bend thr microscope That was hard...Anyways hope i helped!