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Titans are beings before gods. Gods are their offsprings. Cronos the lord of titans and his wife's children are gods. Cronos was threaten by his children because he sensed that they are more powerful than titans. Long story short, kinain nya mga anak nya, except zeus, then pinakawalan ni zeus yung mga kapatid niya mula sa tyan ni cronos, then napatalsik ang titans and gods ruled from then on. greek mythology is twisted af. Bakit gods ang anak ng titan na si cronos? Dunno, evoulution and sht
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Thanks. I have an additional question if you don't mind. Why he didn't ate Zeus?
Rhea, mother of zeus, made a rock look like a baby. Cronos ate it for thinking it was zeus. Rhea hid zeus somewhere in the mountains (forgot where). He was taken care of a sheep and some nymphs. When he was older he went back to olympus in disguise. He gave cronos something that'll make him vomit. And he did. He vomited all zeus' siblings. That's when the revolution began.
It took me a while to send it. Brainly said I used swear words even if I didn't. I had to change my terms. It turns out, brainly doesn't want the word "p-u-k-e-d" so I used vomited instead yay
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And yes, I also hate it when Brainly said I used swear words even if I didn't.