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Dandansoy, baya-an ta ikaw,
Pauli ako sa payaw,
Ugaling kong ikaw hidlawon
Ang payaw imo lang lantawon.

Dandansoy, kon imo apason,
Bisan tubig di magbalon
Ugaling kon ikaw uhawon
Sa dalan magbubon-bobon.

Dandansoy, I must leave you
I am going home to payaw,
If perchance you long for me,
Just look towards payaw.

Dandansoy, if you come after me
Don’t even bring water with you,
If perchance you become thirsty,
You can dig well on the way.

Pamuwa Sa Bata

Bulay naman binulay
Bulayan ko man kini ang bata
Nga bata nga dili ako.
Yawat naman maka dako
Manatad man ako masugo

Though he is not my own
I will take care of this baby,
So that when he grows up
I can request to do things for me.

Isinalin ni Sr. Lilia Tolentino, SPC

Ug Binhi 
(Ang Binhi)

Tra, la, la, la.
Aco’y gatanum ug binhi,
Nanalingsing, nabuhi.
Sanabuhi, namunga,
Sa namunga ng naminhi.

Tra, la, la, la.
Ako’y nagtanim ng binhi,
Sumibol, nabuhay.
Di naglao’t namunga,
Ang bungay naging binhi.


Condansoy, inom tuba 
Laloy, dili co inom, tuba pait aslom
Ang tuba sa baybay.
Patente mo angay,
Talacsan nga diutay,
Pono ang malaway.
Ang tubang malaway.

Condansoy, drink tuba my good boy!
No ‘tis bitter and sour.
I will not drink at all!
Tuba sold on the beach
Ought to pay license high;
Even one little glass
Will make you crazy drunk.

Uwak Ug Banug
(Negros Oriental)

A friendly old crow and a hawk sail
Through the sky,
"U-wak”, says the crow, meaning,
"Well, we’re flying high.”