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Step 1: Before Writing

Construct a plan. Before writing an essay all you need to do is list down your ideas and thoughts until you have a good plan what you'd like to do your essay on.
Step 2: Contention
Set up a contention about your essay, you'll need a topic about what you're going to write.
Step 3: Exposition
 You need to build your introduction. This might include any other info. that is necessary, such as the title and writer if your essay is about a book, or the time period if there's about a certain event. Your essay must contain a setting.
Step 4: Conclusion
Make a plan of development, writing your plot. If you think your essay is good enough, produce a conclusion, it is good way to start your ending.
Step 5: Readers
You should consider your audience, they're the one who will read your essay.
Step 6: Editing
Re-read your essay aloud. This will help you to find your errors.

5 Simple Steps:

1. Brainstorming - Seek ideas and suggestions from others, as well as creating your own. Make graphic organizers and such.

2. Drafting - Write freely and express your ideas. Do not mind the errors and just jot everything needed down.

3. Revising - Check sentence fluency and enhance your writing. Add more vivid details.

4. Editing - Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization. Also make sure that your sentences make sense.

5. Publishing - This can be as simple as submitting your written work to a teacher, or printing it out and sharing it with others. Giving it out to the public can also be an example.