How about...

1. The cat tumbled over.
2. All the balls bounced.
3. The little girl forgot her doll.
4. The 40 thieves tried to kill Ali Baba.
5. The book was dusty and thick.
6. She just wrote a whole paragraph.
7. Isn't that paper too broken to be used?
8. The dog rolled.
9. The baby kept wailing and wailing.
10. The bed was left unfixed.

In case you didn't know, a concrete noun that can be tasted, seen, touched, heard and/or smelled. (eg. ant)

1. My table is in a mess.
2. She loves to play with her cat.
3.I love to wear dresses.
4. my mom bought me a new laptop.
5.  I like to play with my pen.
6. She wore red high heels.
7.Our refrigerator is full of food.
8. I don't have any phone.
Alex likes to play basketball.
10.Hannah always doodle on her notebook.
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