Which of this is chemical change and phisical changes?
1.fogging a mirror with your breath
2.breaking a bone
3.mending a broken bone
4.burning a paper
5.slicing potatoes for fries
6.mixing sugar with coffee
7.frying chicken
8.a nail rusting
9.paper ripping
10.wood burning



1.) physical change
2.) Physical change
3.) Chemical change
4.) Chemical change
5.) Physical change
6.) Physical change
7.) Chemical change
8.) Chemical change
9.) Physical change
10.) Chemical change...
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Physical change is a change in shape of an object but not with its chemical component. While chemical change is a change wherein a new substance is formed.

1. Physical change
2. Physical change
3. Chemical change - to be able to heal the bone completely there would be a            chemical reaction that'll occur
4. Chemical change - the burnt paper turns into ash
5. Physical change
6. Physical change
7. Chemical change - the chicken would have a new form (fried)
8. Chemical change - the chemical component changes and the rusting cannot be         changed back again, so it's a new form
9. Physical change
10. Chemical change - turns into ash