In today's busy life, it's getting hard for people to stay close to their loved ones. But calling things difficult and pushing the dust under the carpet is no way out. One has to make efforts to make things work especially when it comes to family relations. Our parents play a crucial role in our life and the presence of parents and the sort of relationship we share with them has a direct impact on other aspects of our life. 

Examples of how you can make up for it:
Accept your mistake, at the first place, don't like and even if you end up doing something wrong, don't go and hide it. Go and admit your mistake rather than piling up lies and excuses on it.

Share their problems, if your parents look stressed, leave everything aside for a few minutes and ask them what is wrong and if you can do anything to help them out. If they don't want to share then it's OK, don't annoy them and be careful of not encroaching in their personal space. 

Do little things for them, remember their special events, like birthdays, anniversary or the day you moved all to a new house and celebrate it. You can take them out or purchase a small gift for them, do something remarkable.

Be grateful, they may never say but they have done a lot for you, you may ignore but they love you a lot, they don't expect anything but it is your duty to do something for them. 

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We can repay them using simple things like helping in fulfilling house chores, opening up to them, lending an ear, understanding them and by simple giving them enough attention.