The role of carbon dioxide,water and enzymes in photosynthesis is to make sugar and oxygen gas.
In light phase,obviously, it needs light energy and it occurs in thylakoids membranes. In this phase of photosynthesis there is a loss of energy along the electron transport chain to recharge ATP from ADP.In this process, light energy gets converted into chemical and finally ATP is produced.
In dark phase, does not require light and it occurs in stroma. In this phase of photosynthesis ATP and NADPH are used to produce energy and glucose sugar is synthesized from carbon dioxide and hydrogen.


during the light reaction the requirements would be  sunlight and water which splits into hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogens electrons are used to replace those electrons which become excited while oxygen is given off, so the role of water is to provide the electrons as replacement of the electrons from the chlorophyll; during dark reaction carbon dioxide is a requirement with NADPH and ATP that was formed during light reaction this will then form starch (which is a carbohydrate found in plants that also serve as their food) and sucrose. ( its not glucose because  glucose is blood sugar or sugar found in blood)