Q8. How does the brain receive the information from the receptor?
Q9. What does the brain do as soon as it receives the information?
Q10. How is the message from the brain sent in response to the stimuli?
Q11. How will you differentiate the sensory and motor neurons based on their functions? Q12. Based on the simulation activity, explain how information travels in the nervous system.
Q13. Why does the damage in the nervous system cause paralysis of the body?
Q14. What public health care programs in your locality are geared towards dealing with health issues concerning the nervous system. Please help me! Thanks!



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8. brain receives the information through the sensory nerve cells.

9. brain analyzes the information as soon as it is received

10. the response is sent back to the structure that received it through the motor neurons

11.sensosry neurons received the information from the surrounding and deliver it to the brain. motor neurons brings the response to whatever is the stimulus for proper action

12. stimulus travels from sensory neuron to CNS then the response travel through the motor neurons

13.paralysis will result because there will be no stimulus that will reach the CNs

14. as of now there  isn't any programs concerning health issues of nervous system (in our locality)

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