1,Yes.because the virginity is the treasure among the girls.2,its sames of too good comparing with me by standard of my society.3Yes!

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1. I really believe that virginity is important for both boys and girls. It is the most precious thing that should be considered sacred and respected, and it should be given to the person you really love after a marriage.

2. (Idk. But i'm still answering this) Well, I personally believe that you should wait until you are married to have sex, even though there is a growing trend among singles especially teens to have sex before marriage.  I don't really understand why when a girl loses her v, society judge her and call her a b*tch, but usually when it comes to boys, when he loses his v, he is cheered up by his friends and say "binata ka na" or something like that.

3. Yes of course. I value my virginity. I'm gonna lose it when i am already married to the person i totally love. A sex before marriage is a big sin. That is what it says in the Bible. As believers, we should obey what God tells us to do.
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