Activity 2 : The Manhole
A rectangular manhole with an area of 0.5m(squared) is situated along a cemented pathway.the length of the pathway is 8m longer than its width.

1.draw a diagram to illustrate the given situation
2.How are you going to represent the length and the width of the pathway?how about it's area?
3.What expression would represent the area of he cemented portion of the pathway?
4.suppose the area of the cemented portion of the pathway is 19.5 m(suqared).what equation would describe it's area? will you find the length and the width of the pathway?




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2) Let x=width ; x+8=length
   Area = x(x+8) = x² +8x

3) Area of cemented portion = Area of pathway - area of manhole
                                         =         x² +8x -  0.5

4) 19.5 =  x² +8x -  0.5

5) Solve for the values of x using (4):
     19.5 =  x² +8x - 0.5
          0 =  x² +8x - 0.5 -19.5
          0 = x² +8x -20
          0 = (x-2) (x+10)
              x=2   ;   x=-10          [use x=2 because there is no negative dimension]

Width = 2 m
Length = 10 m                        [from x+8]
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Note: blue box is the manhole and the black box is the pathway
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