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Technical and Operational definition of the words cathedral, hunchback, king, sanctuary, parliament, recluse, and vagabonds.
cathedral- serves as the central church of the diocese of a Christian church
hunchback- a person with a humpback
king- a male who rules a country and usually inherits his position and ruled for life.
sanctuary- a place where something or someone is given shelter
parliament- group of people responsible for making laws in some kinds of government.
recluse-a person who avoids people and lives alone
vagabonds- a wanderer or a traveler
cathedral- serves as the central church of a diocese, a Christian church which constitute the seat of a bishop.
hunchback- also known as Kyphosis, an excessive convex kyphotic curvature of the spine
king- sovereign head of a country or a state
sanctuary- a sacred place or a sacred home as to shrine.
parliament- law-making body within a parliamentary system, a legislature
recluse- a person who volunteers to go seclusion from both public and private.
vagabonds- a hobo, drifter or a tramp who wanders around without employment or income

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