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If you mean, the angle of the hands of the clock if the minutes hand states 25 minutes and the hour hand is pointing 12, the angle is 150°.
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EdgardoSuerteAbong, if it's 25 minutes past 12, the hour hand is not exactly pointing to 12. So the angle between the hour and minute hands is less than 150 degrees:-)
I just said for example, IF the hour hand is pointing 12. Its just for EXAMPLE, because the question is not complete. :)
what is the measure in degrees of the smaller angle the hour and minute hands form when the time is 9:10?
I understand, Edgardo.I appreciate that you understand the concept, so I encouraged you through my comment above to edit your answer.This clock problem is one of real-life application problems. Sorry, but your example only happens in toy or paper plate clock. With real, functioning analog clocks, an hour hand at 12 with its minute hand at 5(for 25 minutes) is not possible :-) At 25 minutes past 12, the angle between hour and minute hand is 138 degrees :-) Keep posting answers,you are good :-)